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What is Guest in the City?

France has earned its place as the top touristic destination of the world. For a very long time, it has attracted travelers searching for a variety of things and experiences. From amusement to knowledge and education, from artistic experiences and contacts to spectacles and shows. It certainly has many wonders within its territory, and its landmarks are recognizable anywhere in the world, being depicted in movies, artwork and millions of souvenirs. (The word "souvenir" itself is French!) 

France definitively has many things to offer, and people from all destinations fly across the world to see this place with their very eyes, and experience its unique style and atmosphere. There are countless options and proposals for tourists and travelers, so whatever it is that you're looking for, you will definitively find it in France. Click here if you want to read more about France as a touristic destination.

Guest in the City is a very interesting option for those who want to experience true France from the inside. It's not your typical activities and accommodation website, but something very unique that will for sure call your attention. They have a revolutionary take on tourism, emphasizing real experience and true contact with locals, because they know these are the people who really know the real France and what the best places are for you to visit.

Basically, Guest in the City helps tourists connect with non-professional hosts in France. In other words, you can book accommodation, meals, activities, classes and city tours with locals. People who really live there every day, and know about the secrets and best places of France, personally offer to be your hosts. Through them, you can have an unforgettable experience and connect with real French culture from the inside. You can make friends, learn the real thing and have a great time with them. When you go back to your home, you will take with you great memories to share and remember for years and years.

Reviews of Guest in the City

Online reviews have become one of the most reliable sources of information about whether or not a service is good. A site without reviews of any kind or any references would always be suspicious at the very least. Luckily for customers, Guest in the City minds a lot about customer satisfaction and client experience. For that reason, all people who have hired services or booked through Guest in the City can leave reviews and comments on all activities, letting the world know their opinions. When you search their website and check on the activities they offer, you can always see ratings by previous guests and read very useful opinions. This way, you can be sure that you're choosing the right host for you, who will provide the best service and experience according to your needs and your interests.


Our pick: French cooking class with locals!

There are many cultural activities available on Guest in the City. One of our favorites is a cooking class in France that you can book any time, in different areas of the country. We love this one because French food is very famous worldwide, and they have so many secrets to share that you can learn and take home. Imagine yourself making French meals at your place and telling everyone about how you learned to cook from a French cooking master!

You have a wide variety of options to choose. You can go for a traditional French food or dessert class, learning all the tricks from the source. Taste what French people really eat at their own tables, and you can even book a meal with them afterwards! All through

You can also access a variety of other courses and workshops, learning different culinary styles and cuisines, tasting, trying French wine and learning all about it. Vegetarian dishes are also available. You can even join workshops where French people will share their recipes and tricks to make the best French meal possible!

Many Guest in the City hosts speak English, and you can check whether or not they do in their activity description. You can also read reviews in French if you can speak the language, which we recommend so you get an experience much closer to reality, and also communicate with more people around you. Remember that you will be connecting with the real French culture and environment!

Overall, Guest in the City is a great opportunity for tourists who want to see France from the inside. Through their website, you can contact some of the best hosts in France, read reviews about them, check their availability and make a reservation online. Meeting talented French people who are fluent in English has now become a reality! 

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