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The Benefits of an Essex LPG Conversion Over Petrol and Diesel

The Benefits of an Essex LPG Conversion Over Petrol and Diesel

The rising costs of traditional fuels like Petrol and diesel and the failing economy have meant that alternative fuels have become a hot topic for people. The popularity of bio fuels and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), also known as auto gas, has skyrocketed in the last few years. Car drivers who were on the fence about the efficiency and mileage offered by the LPG are now seriously considering using it because of the environmental and cost benefits that it has to offer them. Even those car owners who didn’t like the idea of spending money on LPG conversion are now thinking about going through with it to start using LPG for powering their cars.   

What Does LPG Conversion Entail?

Conventional cars running on diesel and petrol can’t make use of LPG. They need to be fitted with an LPG conversion kit before they become capable of utilizing this alternative fuel. An LPG conversion can cost a car driver in the region of £2,000. However, this cost is dependent on the car model and type that he is using. It is important to get the LPG conversion done from a reliable source. You can either choose a reputable garage to get the LPG conversion done or purchase the LPG conversion kit online and then get it fitted in your car by a mechanic of your choice.   

Benefits of LPG Conversion Over Regular Fuels

The high cost of LPG conversion had always been quoted as a factor for not using LPG by people in the past. However, now that the cost of the regular fuels is rising and the people are fully realizing the benefits of getting an LPG conversion, their mindset is slowly changing. A large number of car owners are now thinking that getting an LPG conversion might prove to be a wise choice due to the benefits it offers over regular fuels. Visit Big LPG to find out about the amazing benefits the LPG has to offer you. The following are some of the advantages that can be availed by fitting your car with an LPG conversion kit.     

•    Lower Fuel Costs

From a fuel economy perspective, LPG costs far lower than regular fuels. You can expect to make savings of up to 20-25% when using LPG instead of traditional fuels like petrol and diesel. This is a significant amount of savings. If you have a high mileage count then the savings you make on fuel costs are going to cover for the LPG conversion cost within a short period of time. So, it is definitely a smart choice to get an Essex LPG conversion then continuing to pay the high fuel costs of petrol and diesel.  

•    Lower Road Tax

Lower road tax is another financial advantage offered by LPG conversion. You will have to pay a lower road tax if you are driving a car that has an LPG conversion kit fitted inside it. Although the discount offered is not that much, it is still a saving that you stand to make by getting the conversion done. The road tax benefit you receive lies in the region of £10-15. So, it is worthwhile for a car driver to invest in an LPG conversion.   

•    Reduced Carbon Emissions

LPG is a far cleaner and greener fuel source. This means that it produces lesser carbon emissions than the regular fuels. Reports suggest that the carbon footprint of a car is reduced by 11% if it is running on LPG. Petrol and diesel on the other hand have a considerably higher carbon footprint than LPG. Thus, LPG is far more environmental-friendly than petrol and diesel. Visit Drive LPG to learn more about the environmental benefits of LPG conversion. 

•    Less Noise

Cars running on LPG produce much less noise than those running on petrol and diesel. Since the performance of the engine is greatly enhanced due to the use of LPG in cars after they have been fitted with an LPG kit, the noise levels subside to a great deal. You can enjoy a nice, smooth and noise-free ride if you take the plunge and get an LPG conversion. Visit BP to find out why LPG conversion is the best choice for your petrol or diesel car.   

•    Engine Safety

Since LPG is a cleaner fuel, it does not produce harmful particulates that can damage the engine. This leads to better engine performance and safety. Getting an LPG conversion would ensure that your engine does not get damaged often and runs for a longer period of time without encountering any issues. Visit Shell to find out why LPG is better at protecting the engine than regular fuels like petrol and diesel.


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