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The next generation of gearbox repairs

Gearbox technology

The first cars in history didn't even have gearboxes. They were simple machines that could barely move forwards, at around 3 km/h. Baby steps, you can say. That was the beginning of a fascinating history of technological advancements, mechanical developments, and design breaktrhoughs that transformed that old clumsy artifact in the cars we drive nowadays. 

Gearboxes were one of the main developments in this process. It allowed engines to multiply their power by changing the way movement is transmitted to the wheels. With the same engine power, now cars can go much faster without burning that much fuel or undergoing such harsh exigence. It's the same principle as bycicle gears. 

Working gearboxes spin thousands of times per minute. Can you imagine gears spinning at that speed, declutching and fitting back without breaking a single teeth? That's technology right there, and that's what allows gearboxes to do their thing at high speed. They are very delicate, very precise pieces, and when they break or become unbalanced, not only do they not work properly, but they can also severely damage the rest of the mechanism, including the engine itself.

For this reason, new technology in gearboxes must take into account the high exigence these pieces undergo. Gearboxes must be designed in a way that prevents malfunction as much as possible, and when it happens, the damage is as light as it gets. Even with the most advanced and most finely tuned gearboxes, you need to get them checked every once in a while, and in case there is something at least a bit out of place or damaged, pieces should be fixed immediately. Problems with gearboxes can severely affect your whole car, so unless you dream about being stranded in the middle of the highway with a car that cannot run at all, you should keep an eye on your gearbox and take it to repairs as soon as it is needed.

Gearbox specialists

Gearboxes are so complex and so delicate at the same time, that only a specialist should deal with them in case they are unbalanced, broken or damaged in any way. If you've seen a gearbox from the inside before, you will agree it's a hell of a complicated mess, with all those gears and pieces interconnected. Should at least one of them become chipped or move a bit to the left or the right, the whole thing, spinning thousands of times per minute... You can tell that's no good.

Gearbox Services should only be provided by expert repairsmen who really know what they are doing. Advanced technology in gearboxes means that the more complex and effective they become, the more trained the personnel of a garage needs to be in order to properly understand gearboxes and fix them without causing more trouble than it was there in the first place.

Only trust reliable and certified repairsmen to take care of your gearbox, be it automatic or manual, old or new car, mid or high performance... Even if specialized repairs are more costly than a regular garage's services, you get what you pay. If somebody who's not trained enough gets their hands on your gearbox without proper knowledge and tools, they may cause more damage and compromise the rest of your car. And you don't want that to happen.

Hi-Tech gearbox repairs

The best garages will not only have trained specialists who can deal with your gearbox problems, but also the latest technologies in gearbox diagnose and repairs. These include very precise tools for fine tuning, as well as special software designed to evaluate how your gearbox is working, what the problem is and what steps are best to take so the problem is solved. These softwares are installed in special computers connected with all hardware necessary to perform the task, and operated only by trained professionals who know what they are doing.

Providing top quality Gearbox Repair Solutions has become virtually impossible without the aid of these technologically advanced resources. Not even the most experienced repairman with his hands and eyes can match the accuracy and power of diagnose technology for gearboxes. And of course, the combination of the two of them is the most powerful of all.

So next time you experience some trouble with your gearbox, or just want to run a routine check on the whole thing, be sure to head to a specialized garage, with all necessary technology and trained personnel to take care of your gearbox issues. If you do so, you can be sure to make your vehicle work for longer and, eventually, save on repair bills.

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