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Top Shredders for Secure Shredding

Dealing with Sensitive Data in the Right Way

How the sensitive data collected from customers is handled and managed is an important concern for business companies these days. With stricter laws for data protection being introduced, it has become necessary that companies invest in better methods of data disposal.

They need to make sure that the documents containing the sensitive customer data is securely disposed off. Otherwise, they could find themselves in trouble with the law.

One way of doing this is to make use of shredders. These machines can help in obliterating the documents in such a way that the data contained in them becomes useless for even the most prying of eyes.

Best Shredders Available in the Market

Ever since the data protection act was passed, business companies have had to look for ways through which they can ensure safe and secure disposal of their excess data. Shredders have been identified as the go to means for accomplishing this task. The following are some of the best shredders available in the market that can be used for the purpose of secure shredding of surplus documents that might contains sensitive data.  

Bonsaii EverShred C169-B

The Bonsaii EverShred C169-B is an excellent state-of-the-art shredder that is capable of shredding up to 14 A4 sized sheets in a single go. Capable of running for a period of half an hour non-stop, it can obliterate up to 3500 pages into unidentifiable particles the size of 5mm x 40mm. Having a large bin, capable of storing 17 litres of shredded paper, this shredder gives you the freedom to keep on using it for longer periods of time without requiring emptying. Moreover, the patented cooling system that is used ensures that overheating never becomes a concern. Available at Amazon for a meagre price of £89, the Bonsaii EverShred C169-B is definitely a shredder that is ideal for business companies looking for a safe way to shred their waste documents.

Staples MailMate M7 Confetti Cross Cut Shredder

The Staples MailMate M7 Confetti Cross Cut Shredder is another top shredding machine that is currently available in the market. Introduced by Staples itself the MailMate M7 is a reliable and secure shredder capable of cross cutting 12 sheets of paper in a single run. Boasting of a compact design, this shredding machine can even shred CDs and Credit Cards in addition to paper. This makes it the ideal shredder for both individual and commercial use. The MailMate M7 can run continuously for up to 6 minutes before requiring a break and has a waste bin which can store up to 6.13 litres of waste before requiring emptying. It is available for a relatively low price of £76 from the Staples website.

REXEL Prostyle Cross Cut Paper Shredder

The REXEL Prostyle Cross Cut Paper Shredder is the third in the list for top shredders. This shredding machine is capable of hacking down 11 A4 sized sheets into minute particles in a single pass. Boasting of a large bin that has a size of 20 litres, the REXEL Prostyle Cross Cut Paper Shredder does not require frequent emptying. Aside from paper, this shredding machine can shred credit cards, paper clips and staples too. The ergonomic design that it possesses makes it an ideal choice for home as well as office use. This excellent shredder can be purchased for a meagre price of £74 from Currys.

Why Choose Shred First

All of the abovementioned shredders are good for safe shredding of documents. However, they are not suitable for handling high amounts of paper. The companies that have a large amount of data that needs to be disposed off would need to invest in regular shredding of excess paper. This would require them to contact a shredding service that is capable of providing them safe and secure shredding of all of their waste material. While there are a number of such shredding companies plying their trade in the UK, there is no one as reliable as Shred First.

The company has carved out a name for itself in this business by consistently offering the best shredding services to its clients. On-site shredding of your documents is carried out by the company so that you can see for yourself that all the data has been securely destroyed.

So, if you are in need of shredding of documents of any kind then it would be best for you to contact Shred First. They will ensure that all your shredding requirements are met with complete professionalism and at the end of the day, sensitive information that you no longer need will be disposed of safely.

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