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Whos Running Tech City?

Technology is fast becoming the backbone of many business operations today. Whether you are operating a tech business or are thinking of using technology to support your existing business, there are organizations that are put in place to help you achieve your goals. Technology will no doubt make your business operations more efficient and faster. In order to fast track your business operations, you’ll need expert advice on how to use technology to your advantage regardless of the growth stage of your business. One of the best tech support services provider is the government through Tech City.

What Exactly Is Tech City?

This is a cluster of businesses that have developed over time as a private entity but later on grew to get the support of local and national governments to support other businesses with their operations. Tech City’s aim is to create favorable environment for digital enterprises to thrive while accelerating the progress of those that are already established. The association also allows entrepreneurs in the tech industry to shape their future through participation in policy making. 

How Does Tech City Help Enterprises?

Growth is important to any venture regardless of their point in their business lifecycle, something that Tech City knows too well, and has come up with a range of business support services to suit the unique market needs. Here is a brief guide to some of the benefits of working with Tech City.

Business Support Services for Startups

This is a step by step guide that helps start ups on growing the business, accessing the right mentors, getting advice on the documentations, training, export services and the trade missions information you need as well as access to Government procurement opportunities.

Skills Training For All Businesses

New and existing businesses can access trainings to sharpen their skills and increase their expertise through apprenticeship, recruitment services, leadership training as well as courses on laws and regulations. These initiatives help businesses build a strong team and a successful business in the long run.

Financial Business Support Services

Finances are among the major cornerstones of a successful business. Tech City offers financial support services to businesses in all points of their lifecycle. These services include advice on available funding options and how to access them, how to identify and make use of government backed finance options and related support as well as how to work with the private sector financiers. Tech City will also take you through the available options offered by the government as well as access to experienced financial services adviser to help you make informed decisions.

Taxes and Everything to Do With It

You cannot escape the topic of taxes. Tech City has a range of support and investment schemes that teach on everything to do with taxes. You’ll also learn how to plan your investments, the tax aid programs to take advantage of, tax credit that you qualify for, as well as how, when and how much to pay as taxes. You also get to know how to take advantage of income tax reliefs and corporation tax relief schemes.

Procurement Support Services

Central government spends billions annually on services and goods, and the value keeps rising. It has agreements with thousands of suppliers, 60% of which are SMEs. Tech City gives you the opportunity to access these tenders, the government is keen on developing processes and practices that embrace innovation. Suppliers who give value for money are sure to thrive under the government procurement opportunities for SMEs.

Expanding Beyond Borders?

Tech City offers support services to businesses that are ready to expand into UK. These services include working our VISA work permits, helping you register the company and gives you access to Europe’s second largest labour force. The government also offers support services to entrepreneurs and start ups from abroad so be sure to contact Tech City if you are thinking of making your way into UK.

So Who Really Runs Tech City?

Tech City is an initiative of private sector players who have gained the favor of government sponsorship in their effort to support growing tech enterprises. You will find the biggest name in tech field here as participants as well as investors. You will also get educational institutions, professional and financial services providers, community organizations and other public sector organizations in the list of Tech City partners.

If you are a keen follower of the trends and would like to keep up with them, you can always check out Tech City news. You’ll not only keep abreast with the latest innovations, and who your competitors might be, you’ll also get a chance find out more about other companies, interact with them and create networks that are essential for the success of your business.

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