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Your Gateway to the World Working: The World of Online Marketing

Which payment gateway is suitable for your e-business store? This is a difficult choice to make considering the many options currently available. Most people newly using ecommerce have a big challenge regarding making these choices as well as the factors that determine the choice of a certain gateway.  


How Do You Know If The Gateway Is Successful?

There are a few factors that you need to consider in order to establish the effectiveness of your payment gateway. Here are a few questions to guide you through the evaluation process.

Would You Like To Provide Paypal?

You can choose to have more than one gateway. Most e-business platforms allow for many payment choices to be given to customers. PayPal is the most accepted alternative. Many customers have accounts with PayPal and they would rather pay through it than reveal their payment details to other sites. Even if PayPal is not your primary payment gateway, you should allow customers to use it for payment. PayPal can be used as backup if your merchant account or main payment gateway experiences problems. Read More...

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  • Your Gateway to the World Working: The World of Online Marketing

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